Working In The Gig Economy? Join MOBIX Family!

by | Feb 10, 2022

MOBIX family, the eco-friendly, decentralized network for the gig economy, will be launched this year. If you’re working in the gig economy you should consider to pre-register and becoming a part of the MOBIX family!

What can the Family do for you?

MOBIX family is the family of freelance gig workers who create their freedom through the possibilities of decentralization. We are no longer bound by the restrictions of centralized platforms that define our workdays and limit our wages!

Using the network, MOBIX family members can post gigs, e.g. order deliveries, or accept gigs, e.g. make deliveries themselves. We use our Datarella and tech stack to support the family: a so-called multiagent system brings suppliers and buyers together and secures services provided on a blockchain network – eliminating all the worries and hassles that typically come with centralized platforms.

Why do you want to join MOBIX family?

MOBIX family gives its members full flexibility. Gig workers can not only decide again and again what and when they want to work or which service they want to provide. They are also freed from any mandates that would be imposed on them by a centralized platform.

Due to its decentralized architecture, MOBIX family eliminates the overheads that centralized platforms require for their operations. These efficiency advantages result in lower gig service costs and higher revenue for the family.

By paying with and earning tokens, MOBIX family members also participate in the overall success of the MOBIX project. The steadily growing MOBIX Micromobility Marketplace has many exciting opportunities in store for the future.

How can you join MOBIX family?

Do you want to do some gigs, such as looking for the pets, deliver parcels or other items using your car, bike, cargo bike, or scooter? Then follow this link to apply to become a MOBIX family member!

Later this year, you can use the MOBIX app to offer and accept gigs,, rehardless of where you are based. MOBIX family is a global affair!