MOBIX FAQ – MOBIX Wallet, Stakedrop, Token, Miles & The MOBIX Family

by | Nov 15, 2021

To allow for quickly finding answers to the questions you have about MOBIX Marketplace, MOBIX Wallet, MOBIX Stakedroip, MOBIX Miles, MOBIX Reward Token and MOBIX Family, we have compiled this list of Frequently Asked Questions FAQ. If your urgent question hasn’t made it on this list, please let us know in the MOBIX Telegram group, or via email – we then can add it!

MOBIX Family

MOBIX.FAMILY – The Eco-Friendly Decentralised Delivery Network


MOBIX Miles vs MOBIX Tokens
The Difference Between MOBIX Miles and Other Reward Programs
MOBIX Miles – Introducing The MOBIX Reward System

MOBIX Reward Token

MOBIX Tokenomics
MOBIX Token Stakedrop

MOBIX Stakedrop

How does the MOBIX Stakedrop token allocation work?
What Is Staking? A Primer In Advance Of The MOBIX Stakedrop
How Do You Stake FET On
How To Participate in the MOBIX Stakedrop?
How To Enter the MOBIX Stakedrop with Your Cosmostation Wallet?

MOBIX Staking

MOBIX Staking Starting Soon
MOBIX Staking – Earn Passive Income By Staking $MOBX

MOBIX Wallet

MOBIX Wallet – Incentivizing Micromobility