MOBIX – The Marketplace For Incentivized Micromobility

by | Apr 15, 2021

It’s April 15, and we are still locked in the COVID-19 pandemic. However, encouraging data in countries with high vaccination rates makes us think forward and plan for a post-pandemic future with more mobility, social gatherings, and a reclaimed higher quality of living. That’s why today, we have launched our new MOBIX Micromobility Marketplace website. 

MOBIX supports a specific category of mobility and a general lifestyle aimed at urban residents of densely populated areas. In 2050, about 70% of the world population is projected to live in urban areas. By 2030, there will be about 43 megacities, with more than 10 million inhabitants each, with one in eight people live in 33 megacities worldwide. This development demonstrates that sustainable urbanization is key to successful development in general.

The 15-Minute City

Micromobility is the lifestyle of choice for city dwellers: small, lightweight vehicles are used to transport people and goods. Scooters, eBikes, cargo bikes, etc., enable urban residents to move around their circles of convenience, the so-called 15-minute cities; i.e. the vicinity they can reach within 15 minutes of mobility. Micromobiles are eco-friendly, silent, easy to place and park, and maintain. The market for micromobiles has been growing enormously – except for a dip due to COVID-19.

MOBIX Brings Micromobility Services In Synch with Its Infrastructure

However, micromobiles have to fit into their infrastructure; i.e. scooters and bikes should not stand in the way of pedestrians and shouldn’t be fished out of river beds. In other words, the micromobility services supply has to be synched not only with the demand of micromobility users but also with the micromobility infrastructure: parking lots, charging stations, etc. 

MOBX Reward Token

This is what the MOBIX Micromobility Marketplace solves: the MOBIX technology connects micromobility service and infrastructure providers and allows for sustainable use and growth of micromobility in general. MOBIX’ nucleus is the MOBX Reward Token: a digital token sent and received with the MOBIX Wallet. MOBIX Wallet users search and discover, reserve, book and pay for their micromobility services and infrastructure offerings. The highlight is that every time a micromobile is consumed, the user is rewarded with MOBX Reward tokens. This incentivization encourages city dwellers to abandon their cars in favour of a scooter, eBike, etc. Since each micromobile use also rewards the MOBIX community-at-large, MOBIX facilitates a sustainable growth of the micromobility ecosystem.

We will explain more details about MOBIX partners Datarella,, RAAY RE, Wertgrund AG, Hammer AG, and Atomix in our next post. Then, we will explain the MOBIX roadmap: when will the MOBX token be available, when will the MOBIX Wallet launch, and more. In a specific post, we will explain how MOBIX preserves full user privacy using its Self-Sovereign Identity-based data architecture. We are ultra-excited about MOBIX and its impact on micromobility – if you’re also fans of an eco-friendly lifestyle, join and chat with the MOBIX community on Telegram and follow us on Twitter! Stay tuned!